Tremor an embarrassing problem for people

why are my hands shaking? Usually our hands will shake very slightly and normal and this is due to the muscle’s fiber contract and relax all the time. Sometimes hands shake automatically which becomes an embarrassing moment in front of others. Shaking hands interfere with holding a pen, writing, holding a coffee cup and spoon or fork will make you notice. People think that they may be affected by Parkinson disease and this is not the case. There are many reasons for the shakiness for your hands. Don’t worry about it, consult the doctor and try to identify the reason for shakiness. He may ask you to take blood tests to see the thyroid over activity.

Parkinson disease is the malfunction of nerve cells in the brain. It affects the human neurons in the brain. Usually the neurons produce dopamine; it’s a chemical compound that sends signals to the brain which controls the body movements. As the dopamine production decreases in the brain it will make your hands too shaky without control. The overactive thyroid is found to me more in women than the men. Over active thyroid creates serious problems. It will not only create shaky hands but also reduce weight even though you eat well.

Causes and remedial measures for shaky hands

The common reasons for the shaky hands are as follows. why are my hands shaking First the anxiety, your hands may shake when you have a short temper, get anxious or stressed out or get tired. Second is low blood sugar. When the body fuel decreases it will slow down the sugar in the blood, which results in shakiness. The adrenaline hormones are increased, which makes the shakiness worse for short minutes. Low sugar in blood occurs when you eat high sugary snacks, as this will cause the sugar in the blood to rise and suddenly slows down. So eat a well balanced diet food in your routine, you can eat carbohydrate foods in morning such as porridge, will get easily digested. The sugar level in the blood slows down after very tough workouts also. Thirdly, taking caffeine products and tea will make you hands a bit shaky, as these products stimulate the central nervous system. So avoid drinking coffee and tea along with sugary snack meals, as it will lead to dizziness, headache and anxiety. 

Essential tremor is found in some young people, and is a common type of shakiness. In these cases the muscle fiber will contract and relax together which makes other people noticeable. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. The nicotine content present in cigarettes will make your hands shaky even worse than normal, when you took it too much. Excess amounts of consuming alcohol will affect your nervous system and will cause dangerous tremors when you take it for a long period of time. So you can take better solutions, seek professionals to quit smoking and consuming alcohol. Some kinds of medicine will cause side effects resulting in hand tremor.  You can ask your doctor whether the medicine might cause hand tremor, so that he might lower the dosage level to reduce the risk.

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