Shaky hand and tremors causes and solutions

Stress and depression are dangerous enemies which affect our physical and mental health. Stressful mind can lead to many life threatening health diseases. A kind of health issue which occurs often in your body is shaky hands. Scientifically it is known as tremor. It is a kind of shaking movement in hand and you can feel this in your hands and arm sides. Tremor can also affect your head and vocal cords. There is no age limit and at any time, shaky hands can happen. You can’t define the age limit which is affected by the tremors. Commonly old people are having this health issue and we all will experience these shaky hands at some point of time. 

Essential tremors issues 

Every one of us surely experienced this shaky hand movement and it is caused by so many mental and physical factors. The reason why my hands shake often is described clearly by knowing the real cause behind it. Stress is the major factor and a depressed and sad mind will lead you to feel these abnormal handshakes. An angry mind and fearful situations also cause these handshakes. The people who are afraid or fear a lot are experiencing handshakes a lot in their life. Danger food and lifestyle habits are another major factor that gives this shaky hand. Dangerous alcohol and caffeine intake is very bad that ruin your health and the drug and alcohol addicts are having this tremor complaint mostly. 

Necessary things to care

Your tremor gets worse when you are fatigued and have bad food habits. Essential tremor often happens in many people and it occurs often at small times in rapid movements. Hereditary tremors also occur and it is running in families. When you are trying to get something quickly like finding a pen to write and all that happens from this essential tremor shakes. Consult your doctor when you feel this shaky hand often and it is better to get some advice from doctor .Mostly your health related medical issues are causing this tremor and your doctor will guide to solve this problem. 

When you are getting up from bed or waking from some work, you will feel the shake in hand. But this is a common thing that happens in our hand and most of us ignore this. Tiny muscle fibers and nerves in our hands and arms are taking some relaxation and we feel this shaky hand. Shaky hand becomes a problem when it disturbs our work like holding a coffee cup or writing work or doing some other work and all. Don’t think that you are having Parkinson disease and that is why you feel this shaky hand often. This is not the problem and the tremor is causing the shaky hands health issue and so clear your doubts with your doctor by discussing with him. Low blood sugar level and anxiety also cause these shaky hand problems. Quit drinking coffee and alcohol and lead a tension free life to get rid of tremors.

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