The research behind why do my hands shake

Hands are important organ present in our body it help us to hold things and move the things easily, the main activities we do with our hands are writing, typing, cooking, performing daily work and etc. thus without our hands we cannot do any work in a perfect manner, but if the hands become shaky we will feel difficult in doing our daily activities because shaky hands will spill things in the ground. And we cannot write or hold a thing properly, this problem can be experienced when we hold a coffee mug or write something on the paper. Hands get shaky at every time when the muscle gets contracted and relaxed and the shake will be very minimal and it will not be seen outside but when the hands shake for a prolonged time it has some major reasons behind it. People get scared when they experience it and feel that they are affected with Parkinson disease or anything equally serious to it, but according to the recent research conducted by Australia. The people who are affected by this disease are aged around fifty to fifty eight and this condition is caused due to muscle movement disorder and it is not a symptom of Parkinson diseases. These types of movement disorder have been experienced by fourteen percentages of people but in that only seven percentages are affected by Parkinson disease. people get embarrassed when others notice our shaky hands and they avoid taking their hands out in public, those people can consult with the doctor or physician and get proper treatment for it. the alcohol and smoking is also a main reason for why are my hands shaking, the alcohol will also change our voice quality and also result in tremor, some of the other interesting reasons are given below.        


Why we get affected by shaky hands

The essential tremor or shaky hands is a common problem faced by major north eastern continents, this tremor affects the upper part of the body and it affects our voice, hands and head. The reason why this tremor occurs is because of muscle contraction, instead contracting randomly the muscle gets contracted in a pronounced manner thus it will result in involuntary movements in our hand. This disease will not result in any major health threats, it is a very common one experienced by people of age group forty to sixty.

The major reason for shaky hands Some of the reasons for why are my hands shaking is because of Parkinson disease this disease will commonly occur in the people who are above sixty five years old. Parkinson affects our central nervous system and results in this problem. Heredity or genes are also a problem of shaky hands, having too much coffee everyday will also result in this condition because caffeine will affect our nervous and muscle fibers. Being drug addict and alcoholic addict will result in tremor, low glucose level and low pressure will also result in such problems.   

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